Success Story STTKD Yogyakarta



Company Profile

STTKD is an aviation education and was founded by Marsda TNI (Purn) Udin Kurniadi, former Governor of the Air Force Academy. Established in April 1995 and under the auspices of the Citra Dirgantara Foundation. The school has been accredited B by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education. STTKD focuses on giving the best performances and services for cadets registration. As a result, STTKD Yogyakarta has taken an effort to improve their services to all their prospective cadets by implementing AI Chatbot and Whatsapp API.


  • Prospective Cadets have limited access to get information about the school.
  • STTKD is having some difficulty in processing registration.
  • Prospective Cadets have so many queries about the cost.
  • Because it is done offline, the registration process is taking a long time.

Business Need

  • With AI Chatbot, you can make it easier for prospective cadets to start online registration.
  • With the Whatsapp API, STTKD Yogyakarta can provide information about the school to current and prospective cadets.
  • Improve the cadets’ registration process to make it more efficient.

Business Impact

  • Cadets can submit information 24/7.
  • The registration process for cadets becomes more organized and efficient.
  • Cadets can get more information about STTKD, so the school is making an easy for their cadets.
  • Submission of a registration is easier and faster because it can be done online.