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Banking Industry

Conversation technology save money and time, attract new customers, and improve accessibility for customers on a day in and day out basis all over the world.

We help bank industry to reduce their operational cost, get connected to their cusrtomers, and increase brand reputation.

Conversational Ai are transforming digital banking

Our solution in Banking Industry achieved some awards and recognitions



of interactions in banks will be automated by 2022 using chatbots.



of the operational cost will be saved using chatbots in the banking sector.



of consumers are interested in chatbots for instantaneous responses

Streamline your banking operations

Feature and use cases

Ask bot product and bank related informations like branch and ATM location, promo and information

Reach better conversion with 2 way interactive notifications, get instant feedback from customers and integrate with your API.

Boost bot productivity with transactional features such us transfer, credit card payment, billing, ppob and many other digital products.

Talk with Customer Service with right skill set if Bot cannot answer complex queries



Strengthen your customer relationships

With Conversational Banking


Notify customers on loan due dates to ensure timely payments and provide frictionless way to pay back the installments

FAQ Master

Move 60% of repetitive queries to trained FAQ knwoledge

Customer Support

Offer live customer support through multiple channels by speaking to chat or voice based command.

Collect Leads

Convert conversations into qualify leads through converstional notifications

Seamless Transactions

Smart banking chatbot covers balance check, transfer, digital product payment, credit card notifications etc.

Customer Analaytics

Gain customer insight through their conversation journey.

BNI Call Virtual Assistant

BNI Assistant exist is to allow customers easily get informations, get helps, conduct transactions, and be engaged with Bank BNI. Below are the following features:

  • Transfer, Balance Check, Payment, PPob
  • Product Information
  • Create and Track Complaint Status
  • Notification and Promo
  • Live Customer Service

Interactive Ticketing

BTN Ticketing is a tool for internal team to build an effective and efficient working ecosystem, the system covers:

  • Group Discussion
  • Assign ticket to person or group
  • Create and Track Complaint Status
  • Ticket Analytics

Our Customers in Banking and FSI

Too much in mind?

Every Question has an answer

Business need Chatbot to automate their online presence. Chatbot handle many customers, reduce operating cost, fast response and boost customer satisfaction. Don’t forget to pick a Smart Chatbot.

Our bot platform have fallback system management to organize questions they cannot answer, so you can train it later. However, you can also combine Bot with Live Customer Service so you can make sure every questions well answered.

Our Omni Messaging platform comes with complex feature, you can use up to 100 agents at the same time if you have so many customers. Omni Messaging integrate all messaging channel like instagram, whatsapp, and many others popular messaging. It also provide you customer journey for actionable insight.

We have very flexible business pricing model. Don’t worry, we have suite one for you. Drop us an email.

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