AI Powered Bot for Education

Conversational AI offer a better experience in Education Sector, The Future of Education is Here.

Bridges the campus and school to provide optimal services to all its stakeholders.

More educational institutions are turning to utilize Conversational AI

LennaEdu helps in making a much more personalized approach to both on-campus and off-campus services.


of students engagement rate growth



Increase in student enrollment in university

6 Weeks

Staff hours saved by chatbot

Boost your ecommerce store

Feature and use cases

Utilize Chatbot to easily conduct voting by send notifications to stundents and integrate with voting system.

Stay on track with KBM schedule so lecturer will never late and miss any of it.

KRS fulfillment has never been this easy.

Ask lecturer related, knowledge related and many other campus related things

Strengthen Education Sector

With Conversational AI

Lead Generation & Marketing

Chatbots can handle the leads generated from different social media’s, provide details about the school like result, testimonials , history, advantages, etc.

Fetching Course Schedule

Students can easily search for an updated schedule via chatbot and they can directly download it to their mobile phone.

Checking Lecturer Schedule

Final year students can easily arrange consultation schedules with the lecturer via chatbot

Screening Students

If schools have a screen test before the admission, chatbot can do the screening process without installing any 3rd party applications.

Exam Schedules & Results

Student can fetch the exams schedules including reminders as well as get the exam result through chatbots.

Suggestions and Feedbacks

Parents and students can send their feedback to the school or university from any of their messaging platforms.

Paying Fees

Students or their parents can pay the fees by just interacting with the chatbot, chatbot will fetch the payable amount and ucl link to make the payment.

New Students Onboarding

Welcoming new students and giving a great first impression, helping them carry out their day-to-day activities on campus.

Job Vacancies

Final year students or alumni can easily get job information from leading companies.


Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Kedirgantaraan Yogyakarta

The STTKD chatbot aims to increase field knowledge. So that students can easily obtain information about STTKD and register for classes.

  • Registration
  • Information
  • Program Study
  • Education costs
  • About STTKD

Too much in mind?

Every Question has an answer

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