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Whatsapp Business Platform

Lenna.ai’s WhatsApp chatbots are used by some leading enterprises from Banks, eCommerce, Insurance & Healthcare to drive transactions and reduce support costs.

Boost customer engagement, brand loyalty and make every conversations count.


Build Best Customer Experience With #1 Messaging Apps

Simplify communication overload once and for all with chatbots. Generate more leads, 24/7 customer support, converse in a sweet way.



of Indonesians use Whatsapp. Let's reach more customers.



Messages per day, it's time to boost your business engagement



Increase loyalty and engage more with your customers

The differences between Whatsapp and Whatsapp Businees Platform


Streamline your Whatsapp Bot operations

Feature and use cases

The interactive message type directs your customers to have conversations based on the flow that has been created. As a result, it runs context-aware and helps to achieve the desired goal.

The Whatsapp Business API can be integrated with other data, allowing you to provide accurate information to your customers in real-time.

Take advantage of a large number of Whatsapp users in Indonesia to conduct a more effective broadcast campaign.

Don’t make your customers wait. provide the best service possible by informing them of your business hours.




Strengthen your customer relationships

With WhatsApp Business API


Notify customers on loan due dates to ensure timely payments and provide frictionless way to pay back the installments

FAQ Master

Move 60% of repetitive queries to trained FAQ knwoledge

Customer Support

Customer service is available in multiple languages and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Collect Leads

Convert conversations into qualify leads through converstional notifications

Business Presence

Grow your online presence and reach an even widder audience

Powerful Metrics

Optimize campign performance using advanced analytics to better understand your customers and track delivery and read rates to monitor ROI


OJK Whatsapp Bot

OJK uses Whatsapp business API to assists the public in avoiding fraud by business entities by providing easily accessible information directly to the public. Below are the following features:

  • Public information
  • Report Fraudster
  • Tracking customer’s issue
  • Customer Support
  • Examine the companies that have registered with OJK

Our Customers using WhatsApp Business API

Too much in mind?

Every Question has an answer

Business need Chatbot to automate their online presence. Chatbot handle many customers, reduce operating cost, fast response and boost customer satisfaction. Don’t forget to pick a Smart Chatbot.

Our bot platform have fallback system management to organize questions they cannot answer, so you can train it later. However, you can also combine Bot with Live Customer Service so you can make sure every questions well answered.

Our Omni Messaging platform comes with complex feature, you can use up to 100 agents at the same time if you have so many customers. Omni Messaging integrate all messaging channel like instagram, whatsapp, and many others popular messaging. It also provide you customer journey for actionable insight.

We have very flexible business pricing model. Don’t worry, we have suite one for you. Drop us an email.

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