Knowledge Base

Improve your customer experience with self-service support

Knowledge base is a collection of information that your customers or potential customers can use to answer questions they may have about your business, products, or services.

With a strong knowledge base, you are able to provide faster service. Can improve self-service, provide greater access to more articles, and offer regular updates through a knowledge base system.

The Advantages using Knowledge Base

Helps provide information

Dynamic and responsive self-service support to provide product, service & topic related information accessible to your customers.

Offer 24/7 customer support

Customers can easily access the knowledge base anytime and anywhere

Presenting Accurate Information

Using a knowledge base, you can compile comprehensive answers that you are 100% sure are accurate and answer customer questions.

Custom URL

This feature can create URL according to company needs

Minimize Customer Support Costs

Knowledge bases can be an effective way to manage this, without hiring additional staff


Knowledge Base can display articles that are most searched for by other people

Improving Self-Service to Facilitate Agent Performance

Knowledge base can make it easier for customer support agents to provide information. So if you provide complete information about products and services according to customer desires, it will increase positive reviews and experiences from customers which will have an impact on the success of your business.

Optimize information with a Knowledge Base that can be well received by your customers

To create information in the Knowledge Base, Lenna is of course equipped with a text editor which makes it easy to customize your content, starting from images, icons or easy-to-use social media embeds to organize parts of your website easily and efficiently.

Are you interested in using Knowledge Base?

Define categories in your knowledge base to make it more efficient and easy to manage so you can maximize your team's productivity

Provide information to your customers by category to improve your customer service. By using Lenna’s Knowledge Base Categories, you can easily build a knowledge base that suits your customers’ needs.

Some benefit if you use Lenna Knowledge Base

Why do you need Lenna Knowledge Base?

Quickly Answer Customer Queries

With customer inquiries on well-structured and easily navigable pages, you can promptly address customer query without needing to involve the customer support team.

Providing the Latest Information

Knowledge Base helps provide the latest information regarding products, services and topics. So customers can get the latest information.

Maintaining a Positive Brand Reputation

Knowledge base becomes an asset to your customers and your business as a whole. When done right, it can provide customers with an enhanced experience while saving your support team time and cutting your overall business costs.

Saving Time for Your Customer Support Team

Knowledge base allows your customers to answer their own questions without having to ask the customer support team. So it can save customers' time

Too much in mind?

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