Ticketing Platform

Handle Problems, Less Hassle

We make ticketing systems better to assist you in handling all customer issues from your multiple business communication channels (Instagram, Whatsapp, Line, Messenger, Telegram, and more).

Track business performance and integrate it with live agents. So that all customer issues can be resolved precisely. Increase your customer loyalty with Lenna Ticketing.


More than your traditional online Ticketing System

Chat to Ticket

Build effective and efficient communications with collaboration between Omni Channel and Ticketing in seamless way.

Ticket Discussion

Discuss right on ticket page with multiple assigned team at the same time, resolve problems faster.

Track Customer Journey

Never miss past conversation inquiries from your beloved Customers. Convert chat to ticket and track every movement.

SLA - Agent Analytics

Set SLA, track and monitor agent performance with our SLA Management and Agent Analytics tools.

Various Channel

We integrate platform to many popular channels from web page, apps and messaging like instagram, WhatsApp, and more.

SLA Management

A service level agreement thresholds that can be managed and optimized over time.


Our platform support integration on all of your business communication channel. Give a great customer experience to your customer and make them loyal to your business.

With the discussion feature on Ticketing, your agent and their team can quickly resolve customer issues

Prioritize your customer based on their issues with Auto Create. We can support from all communication channels like email, Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger, and more.

Look how your agent solves your customer issues and gets feedback. Use it to measure your agent’s performance, business performance, and interest in your business marketing

Seamless to Manage Inquiries


Inquiry is made automatically in one click. A ticket will be generated automatically, which will be connected to the dashboard and handled by the agent immediately.

Automatically track and manage all agents’ performance on daily, monthly, and annual reports. Enhance your agent’s performance the right way.

Handle all inquiries from all communication channels like Whatsapp, Instagram direct message, Instagram comment, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, Webchat, Mobile Apps, and more.


Leave the old issues


1. Customize your own Ticket

The merge feature on Ticketing allows you to solve customers’ spam on all communication channels. You can merge tickets based on contact, subject, and ID.

2. Select priority inquiries

Ticketing allows you to handle all customer issues based on their priority level, such as high, medium, or low, so issues can be resolved faster and more efficiently

3. Choose the agent by customer issue

You can choose agents based on customer issues and track how fast they resolve issues.

Ticket Field makes a better user experience

1. Allow you to customize your ticket according to your needs
2. Make it easy to get customer’s field
3. Increase your agent’s performance
4. Escalate your marketing to be more targeted
5. Help your agent to answer customer requirements

Some benefits if you use Lenna Ticketing

Why do you need the Lenna Ticketing?

No more missed customers needs

Track all the queries, convert to Tickets, and solve all customer's requirements as soon as possible.

Agent’s Cost efficiency

Lenna Ticketing System is integrated into all communication channels, so you can save agents' cost up to 65%

Build Customer’s Loyalty

Direct all customer issues to the expert agent on ticketing. Solve their problems, and make them happy and loyal to your business.

Track your agent’s performance

Ticketing helps your agents to be more effective, monitors, and measures your agent’s performance

Too much in mind?

Every Question has an answer

Businesses need Chatbot to automate their online presence. Chatbot can handle multiple customers, reduce operating costs, respond quickly, and increase customer satisfaction.

Our bot platform has fallback system management to organize questions they cannot answer, so you can train it later. However, you can also combine Bot with Live Customer Service so you can make sure every question is well answered.

Our Omni Messaging platform comes with complex features, you can use up to 100 agents at the same time if you have so many customers. Omni Messaging integrates all messaging channels like Instagram, WhatsApp, and many other popular messaging. It also provides you customer journey for actionable insight.

We have a very flexible business pricing model. Don’t worry, we have a suitable one for you. Drop us an email.

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