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Conversational Platform

We help companies to increase customer relationship, customer satisfaction, and engagement. We optimize your business processes through multiple conversation channels.


3M+ Daily Conversations

We serve millions of conversations across industries, use cases and channels


100+ Customers Globally

Our experience include building chatbot in multiple use cases and system integration


80% Automation Rate

Our Bot boost productivity and reduce human interactions, we love automation.


40% Reduce in Cost

We are happy to see our customer able to reduce operational cost with Bot support.

Our Story

We Develop An Innovative Platform For You

Founded in 2017, Our mission is to allow customers easily get informations, get helps, conduct transactions, and engaged more with Brands and Enterprises , simply by speaking to device via multi channel interface. Conversation technology save money and time, attract new customers, and improve accessibility for customers on a day in and day out basis for millions of people all over the world.

Good Design And Good Relationships Come From Collaboration. We’re Excited To Help your Company accomplished mission to build better customer engagement ahead.

Trusted by leading enterprises from various industries


This Is Why You Should Choose Us

With our multi years experience in Customer Support Platform, we believe our products and services able to highly contribute success to your Company. Let’s create something together.

Award Winning Customer Platform

We got several awards and recognitions, the latest is #1 Best Conversational Ai Platform organized by Intel Edge Ai 2021.

Robust NLP

We build our own Natural language processing engine powered by machine learning and deep learning to bring highest accuracy.

Enterprise Grade Security

We want you to feel secure and safe. Our platform comply GDPR and ISO 270001 also pentested regularly.

Fast and Scale

Build your conversation apps fast, scalable, efficient graphical interface and ready to serve millions of customers.

Our Customers



Very good, we are very satisfied. It has full features and is easy to use. The Lenna AI team is also very helpful.

Holy – Dan Dan

Collaborating with Lenna AI on app development was impressive, any problems was handled well and in the end the project was as expected.

Andrie – Moratelindo

Lenna AI service is excellent, and the staff is particularly attentive to the client’s improvement. Also, be patient with the client.

Karmila – Jannahqu

The chatbot is very useful, the features included are in line with the needs of hospitals in multiple market segments.

Maria – Awalbros

The virtual assistant from Lenna really helped us. The features are very complete, easy and according to our needs. We are very satisfied with the support provided.

Dwi – Tripakarta

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