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Grow Your Business to Next Level with AI Chatbot

95% of companies that implemented an AI bot are happy with the way this technology is boosting their business.

We have External Knowledge and Machine-Reading Comprehension to help customers get as much information as possible on all business industries.



What Are The Advantages That We Offer

No-Code Bot Training

Train Bot easily without coding skills, with clean graphical user interface you just have to build Bot through drag and drop.

Easy API Integration

Connect Bot to your system through API on top of Conversation Studio. Write the result to Bot Response.

Expert Managed Services

Your chatbot is managed by our experts team from creation to ongoing optimization in order to achieve the most optimal results.

Multi Languages

Build Chatbot once and you can deploy it to more than 150 languages. Powered by native and translation based engine.

Advanced NLU

Our proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) built by billions conversations accross customer touch points

Chatbot Templates

Our Chatbot platform provides you with ready-to-use chatscripts templates for Online Support, Informational Services, Online Actions and Self-Service.

Bult in small talks

With built in small talks, bot able to response customers with more engaged and of course feel more personal


Deploy Bot to multiple channels from messaging,custom App, Website, SDK, and Social Media.

Bot Analytics

Use variety of analytics incl conversion tracking, reporting and chat intelligence to gain insights and perform optimizations.


Upgrade your bot by presenting intelligence generated from external resources when customers ask more in-depth questions. This smart bot is ready to answer chats from customers.

We able to customized confidence level setting and assign bot how to action next. Our bot also equiped with Machine Reading Comprehension ability, so bot will read to articles in case needed.

Connect bot with internal or external system with UI based API Management. Convert the API Responses to any kind Bot message type from text, image, list and carousels.

Create bot response nicely with good and rich ui elements. Not only that, our training platform come with live preview response so you able to make sure how response viewed in deployed channel.

Grow Your Business and Reach More Potential Customers


What are the differences between the Lenna AI chatbot and other chatbots? We have excellent services:

  • Integrated with all communication channels (Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Telegram, FB Messenger, Mobile App, Website, and more)
  • Supported 150+ languages in the world.
  • Integrated with external knowledge like Google, Wikipedia, Omnichannel, Wolfram, etc.
  • User-friendly on the user interface, so that’s simple to use
  • Have preview tools before you train the bot

Make your chatbot more intelligent with various answers


Machine Reading Comprehension allows bots to provide answers based on the content of various articles as well as from specific web pages. Therefore, bots have a wide range of response options for answering customer questions.

Optical Character Recognition enables bots to automatically and quickly read words and sentences from images. It can help you avoid typing mistakes when entering customer documents. The bot can do that automatically without typos.

Some benefits if you use Lenna AI Chatbot

Why do you need an AI Chatbot?

Boost customer satisfaction

The chatbot acceleration in responding to customer chat 24/7 will improve customer satisfaction

Increase your sales

The AI Chatbot automatically maximizes service so that it will have an impact on increasing sales up to 65%

Improve your services

The AI Chatbot will be an added value for the services provided to customers to seem better and more professional

Create a customer loyalty

Grow your relationship with your customers closer with an AI Chatbot that is a solution for them.

Too much in mind?

Every Question has an answer

Business need Chatbot to automate their online presence. Chatbot handle many customers, reduce operating cost, fast response and boost customer satisfaction. Don’t forget to pick a Smart Chatbot.

Our bot platform have fallback system management to organize questions they cannot answer, so you can train it later. However, you can also combine Bot with Live Customer Service so you can make sure every questions well answered.

Our Omni Messaging platform comes with complex feature, you can use up to 100 agents at the same time if you have so many customers. Omni Messaging integrate all messaging channel like instagram, whatsapp, and many others popular messaging. It also provide you customer journey for actionable insight.

We have very flexible business pricing model. Don’t worry, we have suite one for you. Drop us an email.

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