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Customer Experience Through Conversations

Increase conversions, build engagement,
and create meaningful interactions in a right way.


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Conversational Platform

Use Case to help you grow

Customer Care

10X resolve more customer queries by automate cs with AI-Powered Chatbot and seamlessly collaborate with live agents.


Easily compose, blast and track messages to customers in various messaging channels like Whatsapp, Line, Telegram and many others.

Automate and Grow

Automate inquiries,submissions,and build action-triggered-command by integrate our bot service to your API.

Insights and Reports

Gain insightful information with our platform dashboard. Track customer behaviour and see what is happening on every channel deployed to customers.

Conversational Commerce

Increase revenue by providing AI Powered Bot to customers in your e-commerce website, microsite and messaging apps like Whatsapp

Mobile Apps & Integrations

Empower your existing mobile apps with our Chat SDK to bring Bot and Live Chat inside it. Also leverage service to messaging channel if necessary.

We Equip Brands With Powerful Conversation Tool

We love connecting brands and enterprises to their customers. Customers need to easily engage to increase satisfaction , gather information and feedbacks.


AI Powered Bot

Create Bot and train its knowledge easy. No coding skill required. Robust NLP built by millions of conversations.


Omni Channel

Omni Channel integrate audience through multiple channels like Whatsapp, Line, FB, Instagram, Telegram, Webchat and many more


Enterprise Grade Platform

Designed to impress your customers

We build our platform with heart, tailored with multiple customer use case to encourages engagement that increases satisfaction and drives conversion.

The Feature provide rich Bot knowledge by connecting bot to external resources like Google, Wikipedia, Wolframalpha and others. Our feature also built in Machine Reading comprehension to read article and set as bot knowledge.

Gain insightful information with our platform dashboard. Track customer behaviour and see what is happening on every channel deployed to customers.With complete and good user interface, our dashboard also able to be customized with your specific needs.

Resolve more queries with combination of Bot and Live agent at the same time. Our platform able to transfer chat from Bot to Agent in very smooth way, however you still able to track and monitor agent performance with our Agent Performance Monitoring tools.

Our ticketing software will help your agents to keep an eye on customer support requests in one central shared chat while taking advantages from all the features included.

Our Customers



Very good, we are very satisfied. It has full features and is easy to use. The Lenna AI team is also very helpful.

Holy – Dan Dan

Collaborating with Lenna AI on app development was impressive, any problems was handled well and in the end the project was as expected.

Andrie – Moratelindo

Lenna AI service is excellent, and the staff is particularly attentive to the client’s improvement. Also, be patient with the client.

Karmila – Jannahqu

The chatbot is very useful, the features included are in line with the needs of hospitals in multiple market segments.

Maria – Awalbros

The virtual assistant from Lenna really helped us. The features are very complete, easy and according to our needs. We are very satisfied with the support provided.

Dwi – Tripakarta

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