Gen AI Studio

Make Your Conversations Goal-Oriented

Don’t limit your use of Gen AI to just handling questions.

Utilize Gen AI technology to better understand users’ goals or needs, providing relevant and focused responses. This enables more efficient and effective dialogue, where users can achieve desired outcomes through interactions with a personalized, adaptive, and meaningful AI system.

The Advantages using Gen AI Studio


Enables better content and user experience personalization based on individual preferences and data.


Able to generate content on a large scale without direct human intervention, thus meeting high demand.

Data Analysis

Able to analyze and extract insights from big data quickly, aiding in better and smarter decision-making.

Time Flexibility

Allows content to be generated anytime and anywhere, without being limited by factors such as working hours or physical location.

Auto Knowledge

Helps automated systems access and utilize relevant knowledge from various sources, ensuring quick and accurate responses.

Increased Engagement

Can increase user interaction and engagement levels through relevant, engaging, and personalized content.

Enhance Your Customer Service with Gen AI

Utilize Gen AI technology to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of communication.

Boost agent performance with conversation summaries, response suggestions, and tone guidance generated by AI, enabling faster and more accurate query resolutions.

Reduction in handling time and customer satisfaction through more responsive and high-quality service.

Quick and Accurate Responses

With the latest technology from Gen AI Studio, our system is ready to provide the best responses quickly and naturally.

wa verified Our system is ready to provide the best responses quickly and naturally.
wa verified Resolve their issues and lighten the burden on your customer service team.

Gen AI continues to evolve and adapt from every interaction, ensuring the quality of responses improves over time.

More Efficient and Effective Business Conversations

Communication processes become more efficient because the Gen AI system can quickly respond to requests, answer questions, and solve problems without the need for direct human involvement.

Gen AI enhances the effectiveness of business conversations by providing more personalized and relevant solutions.

wa verified Interactions are personalized individually
wa verified Increasing sales opportunities

Flexible workflow

With Gen AI, companies can automatically adjust their workflow according to changing customer needs and preferences.

Gen AI can produce flexible and quick responses, as well as streamline the management of complex scenarios. This ensures that companies can respond in real-time and provide more personalized and effective service to their customers.

Understand the Context and Emotions in Every Interaction

Enhance your customer experience to be more satisfying.

Utilize Gen AI technology to understand the context and emotions behind each interaction, not only providing answers or solving problems but also genuinely empathizing with the customer’s situation, providing personalized recommendations and solutions.

wa verified 45% Increase in Customer Satisfaction
wa verified 60% Increase in Conversion

Some benefits if you use Gen AI Studio

Why do you need the Gen AI Studio Lenna?

Improvement in Customer Service

Responding to customer inquiries with natural-sounding language, and also addressing customer complaints, product website searches, and product-related queries.

Time Efficiency

Automating various tasks and assisting users in quickly obtaining needed data. Gen AI Studio provides information in a short time.

Becoming an Information Provider

Providing information on desired topics using keywords, which will then automatically explain something in a simpler and shorter manner.


Capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously. From answering questions, generating random text, correcting misspellings, and much more.

Too much in mind?

Every Question has an answer

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