What is a Whatsapp Bot and How Does It Work?


In today’s technological era, you might be familiar with the presence of Whatsapp Bots or chatbots on the Whatsapp application. Bots are a type of software program used on messaging or chat applications that are integrated with Bots and are able to quickly and automatically respond to messages. Some applications have provided chatbots as a solution to respond quickly to messages, including Whatsapp Business API.

The WhatsApp Bot feature is available for business purposes with an online system that will automatically respond to every customer’s message.

In Indonesia, Whatsapp Business is utilized by business owners or companies to improve their customer experience. Therefore, Whatsapp Bots can be effectively used to handle customer requests and increase business reach to customers.

Here is how a Whatsapp Bot works:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is applied to chatbots to enable them to mimic human conversations, whether in text or voice format.

The way a Bot works is generally by scanning or detecting the keywords that are entered, and then responding using the most suitable keyword from the available data. Here are some operating systems that support the way a Whatsapp Bot works:

This method applies AI Machine Learning so that the Bot can respond using natural language. In this case, you need strategic and directed planning, which is to design a large database that can cover all forms of customer questions and requests.

You can collect customer data and chat transcripts on the live chat or Chat feature on Whatsapp Bot. The more data collected, the greater the capacity of the Whatsapp Bot will be to provide maximum responses.

Pattern Matching
The way a Bot works on Whatsapp with this method is by detecting or scanning the keywords entered, and then responding with the most appropriate and relevant answer to the selected keyword. The application of AI in this method can collect keywords based on the established pattern.

Unfortunately, if there are questions outside the existing keywords, the Bot will not be able to provide a suitable response. This is also a disadvantage of the Pattern Matching method.

Decision Tree Based
The way a Bot works with this method is faster and has a lower level of complexity, but is considered less user-friendly. Why? Because users must follow the answer sequence that has been arranged and programmed in the Whatsapp Bot machine.

An example of the application on Whatsapp Chatbot is when the Bot provides several options of questions that have been provided by the system, so users can only ask questions based on the options displayed on the available Chatbot.

Benefits of Whatsapp Bot for Business

Using the system on Whatsapp Bot for business purposes certainly has many benefits and advantages, including:

Easing the admin’s work in responding to customers
Responding to incoming customer messages quickly
Helping your customers easily obtain the desired information
Improving customer experience for your customers
That is an explanation of how Whatsapp Bot (Business API) works, which is an automatic program that can be chatted with, just like when you chat with people. This Whatsapp Bot can help you find the information you need and has different ways of working depending on the program used. Interested in using Whatsapp Bot API? Visit Lenna AI.