Video dan Voice Call

Cross the Line and Increase Your Agent Performance

Connect the customers to your agents directly and enhance customer trust in your business. Utilize video and voice call features to expedite service in your business, and enable agents to verify the information provided by customers instantly.


Why Should You Use Lenna Video Call?

Customers Interaction

Enhance the interaction between your agents and customers with direct video and voice calls to the agents.

Build the Customer Loyalty

Customers become easier to reach the agents with Lenna Video and Voice Calls. So, you can increase your customer loyalty and satisfaction at the same time.

Customer Data Validation

Agents can directly validate customer data by observing customer expressions while speaking to the agent.

Make Them Buy

Personalized video and voice calls can boost your sales, because customers feel more comfortable to communicate on a personal level.

Enhance Agents Performance

The Agents can solve customer issues directly, make fast decisions, and enhance their performance more effectively.

Be One Step Ahead

The implementation of video and voice calls in business is still relatively limited. Take this opportunity to gain the profit and be one step ahead of your competitors.

Build a Strong Relationship with Your Customers

More Personalized Conversations
Reducing Customer Data Misuse

Accelerating Problem Resolution.

Customer Data Validation to Prevent Fraud.

Engaging customers’ emotions


Reach Your Customers Wherever They are

Lenna’s Video and Voice Call feature enables customers to contact agents through various social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Messenger, and more. Similarly, agents can receive customer calls from anywhere and anytime using their mobile phones. This greatly facilitates agents in performing their tasks.

Are you interested in using Lenna’s video and voice calls?

Lenna's video and voice calls usecases

How can you use Lenna's Video Calls?

Apply Your Debit and Credit Cards

Customers can apply for online debit and credit cards through Lenna's Video Calls. Then, the agents can verify the customer's data directly.

Clarification the Personal Case

Agents can clarify the situation to customers directly in real-time if they encounter personal issues such as fraud and the others personal cases.

Identify suspicious activities

Customers can contact agent in real-time if there are any irregularities or issues like unusual transactions of their account. So, it makes them feel more relax.

Apply Online Loan Applications

Customers can connect with agents directly and submit online loan applications. Lenna's Video and Voice Call makes this thing more effective and easier

Too much in mind?

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