Success Story Samsung



Company Profile

Samsung is a multinational electronics company recognized internationally as a technology pioneer and one of the top ten global brands. As a result, Samsung is constantly innovating and providing the best service to its customers. however, due to a lack of a communication approach with customers, Samsung took the initiative to use the WhatsApp API, AI Chatbot, and Lenna Broadcast to reach more customers and speed up services


  • Samsung Experience Store offline sales are down.
  • There is a difference between the availability of goods in the store and the desires of the customers.

  • Customers find it difficult to communicate with Samsung’s official customer service.

  • Customer dissatisfaction with Samsung

Business Needs

  • Make it simple for customers to buy Samsung products offline with Whatsapp Broadcast

  • Customers can check the availability of goods in stores before going there by Whatsapp API

  • Customers should be able to contact official Samsung customer service more easily via Whatsapp

  • Increase customer loyalty and trust by responding quickly and providing an amazing customer experience with AI Chatbot on Whatsapp



Business Impact

  • Samsung’s offline sales have increased as a result of consistent marketing via Whatsapp broadcasts.

  • It is simpler for Samsung to provide customers with the most up-to-date information or offers.

  • Customers of Samsung find it easier to locate the nearest store and obtain information on available stock.

  • Customers can contact Samsung’s official customer service via Whatsapp, allowing Samsung to be more accessible to its customers.

  • Appropriate marketing and quick responses increase Samsung customers’ loyalty and trust in their products, which leads to increased sales and profits.