Success Story Kawan Lama

kawan lama


Company Profile

PT. Kawan Lama Sejahtera — Indonesia’s leading distribution company with the widest range of industrial equipment and machinery. Operates in more than 19 branches across the country. Over half of a century providing only the best industrial solution by an experienced sales engineer team to meet the demands of the industry. Kawan Lama has a number of subsidiaries, including “PT Ace Hardware Indonesia”, “PT Informa Furnishings” (formerly “Index Furnishings”), “Indopresigma”, “Global Tools Indonesia”, “Kawan Lama Multiweldindo”, “Millerweldindo”, “Toys Kingdom”, “Chatime”, and “Kawan Lama Internusa”.

Therefore, Kawan Lama always enhances its services to the customers. This is in line with their vision, we are here to be part of the family. However, with customer chats and inquiries over a lot. Kawan Lama makes a breakthrough in handling all conversations on a single platform.


  • Customer requests and inquiries over a lot, which makes it agents to difficult reply to them.
  • Kawan Lama provides many agents to enhance their business performance.
  • Agents have difficulty to make a priority on their customers
  • In Indonesia, there is a lack of representation of existing customers.
  • Agents are not responsive to their customers
  • Saving more costs to operational.
  • Difficult to measure agent’s performance
  • In Indonesia, there is a lack of representation of existing customers.
  • The difficulty of knowing the level of customer satisfaction

Business Needs

  • Manage all chat and inquiries from customers quickly
  • Has a representation for Indonesian customers with obvious
  • Provide service up to 24/7
  • Make an easier for customers to find nearby stores, new promos, information, and catalog and buy online every time.
  • Saving operational costs.
  • Kawan Lama can track and measure an agent’s performance
  • Reach more potential customers with an effective campaign

Business Impact

  • Customers can submit inquiries 24/7.
  • The claim process for customers becomes more organized and efficient.
  • Customers easy to get information, nearby outlet, new promos, and catalog
  • Agents reply to the customer’s inquiries in real time
  • Kawan Lama has a report about agent’s performance weekly, monthly and annually
  • Saving operational costs until 55%
  • Improve agent performance by up to 71%
  • Increase sales performance