07 Jul, 2019

Lenna perkenalkan Platform Super Chatbot dan Omnichat versi 2.0

Sebagai startup yang fokus pada teknologi AI (Artificial Intelligence) khususnya solusi chatbot dan virtual assistant, Lenna (PT. Sinergi Digital teknologi) sejak 2017 terus berinovasi mengembangkan teknologi guna menjawab kebutuhan pasar. Seiring dengan pengembangan yang dilakukan, Lenna meluncurkan produk terbarunya pada Kamis (27/06) di Loop Station Jakarta. Bertajuk “Lenna Talk : Super Chatbot For Every Needs”, […]

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22 May, 2019

How Artificial Intelligence Support the Financial Services

Artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to interfere with diverse industries, but banking is predicted to benefit the most out of incorporating AI systems in the next couple of years. Analysts estimate that AI will save the banking industry more than $1 trillion by 2030. It has become highly popular among large enterprises today owing to the […]

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21 May, 2019

Learn How Financial Service Chatbots Are Evolving

In customer service-focused industries, like banking, the goal of better chatbots sounds a little bit odd and too good to be true : to empower people to spend less time thinking about their financial obligations while nevertheless making better financial decisions and Banks still got the benefit. Personalization has become a crucial differentiator in banking. […]

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