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Easily build, train, and deploy custom bots to augment business processes, empower your employees, and delight your customers.


Chatbot Platform

Lenna Chatbot is the perfect tool for any business that wants to ensure their interactions with their customers are as efficient, effective and as smart as possible. Equipped with smarter voice conversation-based AI technology and support for omni-channels, faster response to your prospect customers anytime and from anywhere is now possible.

Lenna Chatbot Platform makes it easy to create and manage bots according to your needs, without any coding skills, very easy to understand, completed with various message types and only requires a short time until your bot is ready to interact with customers.

A simple steps to start your bot
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Having a super chatbot is a dream come true


Stories Editor

Brings you long term-customer relationship by establishing end-to-end unique conversation flow.



Amplify your conversation flow with user-phrase-generated NLP, understand the meaning and intents behind every messages.


Bot Integration

Instantly stitch your bot to all the major messaging channels. We support LINE, FB messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp, web chat and mobile apps.


Machine Reading

A new way for bot to learn quickly. Bots will be able to answer questions that have never been recognized at all before.


Bot Persona

You can create a persona for your bot and let the world know. Start making it famous through your branding campaign.


External API & Commerce Integration

Merge your own external API into your bot together to make a more powerful user impact.

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