Lenna automated parking

Parking has never been this simple.

Smart Premium Parking to the simplification and acceleration of public services based on digital technology. Our automated parking system allows your customers to place orders online without having to search for parking space.



What Are The Advantages That We Offer

No additional apps

IoT systems can be used without the need for additional applications. Customers can simply use Whatsapp to place an online order.

Cost efficiency

The combination of IoT and AI systems can provide intelligent solutions for your business and save you up to 65% on operational costs.

Automated payment

Payments made through a payment gateway system will be automatically credited to your business account.

On Premise

The AI platform and all supporting systems will be planted on the customer's premise. Everything is on your control.

Automated booking system

This automated ordering system is integrated with a chatbot, so customers do not have to wait long for a message to be responded to.


Cloud base service, customers don't have to worry about the infrastructure.


WhatsApp is used by nearly 90% of Indonesians. This allows your customers to make parking reservations without the need to download additional apps to their phones.

Smart Parking has designed and developed a variety of vehicle detection sensor indicators that are simple, cost-effective and highly effective. So, when the vehicle exits the parking lot, the smart parking will automatically be closed

With the help of a smart chatbot, parking services can be available 24/7, improving response time and cost-efficiency.

Too much in mind?

Every Question has an answer

Business need Chatbot to automate their online presence. Chatbot handle many customers, reduce operating cost, fast response and boost customer satisfaction. Don’t forget to pick a Smart Chatbot.

Our bot platform have fallback system management to organize questions they cannot answer, so you can train it later. However, you can also combine Bot with Live Customer Service so you can make sure every questions well answered.

Our Omni Messaging platform comes with complex feature, you can use up to 100 agents at the same time if you have so many customers. Omni Messaging integrate all messaging channel like instagram, whatsapp, and many others popular messaging. It also provide you customer journey for actionable insight.

We have very flexible business pricing model. Don’t worry, we have suite one for you. Drop us an email.

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