Serve information with conversational-based Command

A unique way to display information; not only as a Dashboard System but can also perform as a Command Center.


Digital Helper

In the new era of command center, you can use specific voice commands to have Lenna or your bot helper take actions and turn talk into action. This simply means when you ask to your bot to do something, it'll get done, just as with any other assistant. During the monitoring the dashboard, you can ask any question to the bot helper and get the answer result immediately while the bot helper may remind you the event scheduled, create a task, and more! Command center will no longer boring.


New experience for technology-savvy management


Interactive engagement

Not only touch screen, you may talk to your dashboard and get the response immediately like a normal conversation.


Support richer message types

Digital Helper supports various types of messages including carousel, quick button, advanced HTML, location map, transaction, API and many more.


Data integration

Integration to data source and other system through API connectivity, such as e-ticket which will be processed, summarized and then the result will be displayed on the dashboard.


Avatar model animation

Activate your mascot avatar to be live and you may start interact with your digital helper in 2D or 3D.

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