Corporate Chat SDK

In the era of digital communication, the use of consumer-based chat applications is common, but the possibility of leaking confidential information is enormous. Security issues are a serious concern especially with the absence of authorization on server systems that we may not know where and who can access them.

Lenna comes with solution by providing chat SDK solution for companies where the company will have full control to manage communications and ensure that only the right people have the right access. And when an employee leaves the company, their conversation especially regarding confidential company information will not come out following them.


Activate internal user engagement, retention,
conversion, and internal communication.

One-to-one chat

Let users send direct messages to other users in your application.


Group chat

Create public and private groups with simple authentication mechanism.


Rich messaging

Support multimedia messages, attachments, carousels, button and more.


Chat history

Automatic cloud storage so you can access your past conversation.


Location & media sharing

Users can send images, videos, locations etc.


Security & authentication

Multi-level authentication so you have a higher level of confidence.


Open Integration

Support integration with existing productivity apps such as file sharing system, CRM and Field Service Management softwares.


On-premise infrastructure

Your data will not go anywhere, everything is stored in its proper place safely.

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